September 17, 2016

Tips for applying HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) With a Heat Press

September 17, 2016

Tip #1

MIRROR, MIRROR, MIRROR!  Heat transfer vinyl is cut with the shiny side (carrier sheet) down.   However, the image will need to be reversed (mirrored) in your software program prior to cutting.  Most, if not all, files you purchase are not pre-mirrored.

Tip #2

When applying HTV on clothing/fabric, pre-press for about 5 seconds.  This rids the fabric of any moisture that would prevent a good bond.

Tip #3

Invest in a Teflon Sheet. It is worth the money.  You can use parchment paper but you must replace every so often.

Stay tuned, more tips to come!

NOTE: If using an iron all the same rules apply. Make sure it is a dry iron (no steam)

If you have any tips or tricks please share in the comments.