October 7, 2016

A Little Pillow Talk (and Sheets)


No, I am not talking about bed linen.  I am referring to heat pressing pillows and Teflon sheets 😉

If you use Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) then I consider them a very handy tool, especially if you use a heat press.

Pressing pillows come in all size. They are sold individually or in sets. They are a real time saver when pressing anything with thick seams (onesies), buttons, or bags.  They enable you to raise the design area and allow for better contact. This ensures a good bond with the fabric.

They can also be placed inside insulated bags to prevent melting the plastic interior.

Teflon sheets are necessary in any heat pressed item to protect the fabric.

If you sell your items, these two tools are essential to produce a quality product and well worth the investment.