June 13, 2017

My Two Favorite Tools To Weed Vinyl!

My Two Favorite Tools To Weed Vinyl!

Weeding vinyl is my favorite thing to do.  Call me crazy but I find it theraputic.  Having said that, without my two favorite tools I would probably dread the job.

The Ott light is a must have for me.  I have a small desktop light that is portable and adjustable.  It allows me to see the cut lines quite easily.

EZ Success Tweezer Bee tweezers are the perfect tool for picking up even the tiniest pieces of vinyl.  They have a sharp, thin tip and they allow me to lift then grab a piece of vinyl with ease.

Both of these item can be found at most craft stores.  The tweezers are located in the scrapbook section.

Happy weeding!

Patti K